Web Design Trends for Business Websites

There are quite a few web design trends which have started to create an impression online. Because of this, some cool cases of these tendencies are presently being utilized. Keep reading to learn more about these design trends are all about, and the reason why they could benefit companies which use them inside their WordPress web layouts this year.

Vivid Color Schemes

In 2014, Google introduced Material Design, which pushed the limitations of these things designers can do up to this point, especially concerning colour. Because of the achievement of Material Design as well as the things it’s enabled designers to perform with vibrant colours in a restricted setting, designers have been given the stamp of approval to perform more experimentation with this past year.

Vibrant color schemes might most likely be the tamest aspect of this trend.

Rebellious Typography Options

The principles which were established with respect to the legibility of regular test should be followed. With that said, header text especially at the top part of a house page is completely different. In 2018, there’ll be a significant shift in the manner in which that this header text is styled.


Consumers have gone through sufficient training to Comprehend the way sites work like:

  • Working with the best navigation in finding different webpages
  • scrolling down a web page to keep on studying
  • clicking horizontal, coloured buttons to acquire extra information

Together with the basic principles, designers can experiment with grids and designs with the usage of unforeseen adjustments, and asymmetrical balance for a way to astonish and captivate users through their journey.

Animation and movie are added ways by which internet designers will alter layout, but not at the ways that we’ve seen it used previously. Demonstration videos, in addition to scroll-triggered animations will probably always be accessible but in 2018, there’ll be experimentation on movie use by way of particle animations, augmented or virtual reality, theater charts and animated thumbnail pictures.

Micro Interactions

Large and bold animation isn’t always essential. This is very true today, since colours and typefaces have become bolder and have gone from safer and more conventional standards. In its place, we’re likely to see more of micro connections in 2018. Therefore, designers are going to have the ability to use animation as a reward for consumers that participate with sites.