Is your Website is too slow? Internet users are impatient. If there is a study to be considered, it states that internet users don’t stay on a more than 5 minutes when it fails to respond. This is a concern for you if your site is slow and takes some time to navigate and open in-between the pages. You may be losing customers because your site is poor and can’t act. Obviously, the performance of a site is the biggest disadvantage for the company. But this problem can be fought off by you with some of the web development tips

Prevent over server a website’s rate depends upon the host and the server speed performs faster if it is loaded. Try to prevent over the server for hosting your website. Also, ensure that has low values.

Practically it’s more feasible, although prefer XHTML over Tables It may seem hard to implement. Tables take time. Where it’s needed use tables. When it comes to tabular data by way of instance, tables seem more logical and are useful.

Whenever you’re experimenting during web development, use GIF, JPG, and PNG files, you have to know how it is possible to use image files. For this, you have to be aware of their usage. For example, GIF is excellent for pictures having colors, such as logos, text and line art. While saving images file format remember to use a color palette that is little. JPG files are best for images with colors like photographs.

However, these are heavy can increase the load and files. Before saving you may decrease the size of the JPG picture file, yet it won’t affect the image’s quality. PNG is just another file format that’s meant especially to obtain images that are both non-transparent and transparent. However, stay away from images that are translucent, as IE6 faces problems.

Use that is smartly Use of CSS files mention every style in CSS files. This really helps a lot to accelerate a website’s performance. Determine properties and define them. Do your best. Choose to specify them if you’re currently using properties for a page. This will lessen viewers’ time as they wouldn’t have to download those properties.