How bad website design affects your business

When creating an internet site for your business, it’s important to know how bad design affects your users’ experience and, therefore, your credibility.

Although your business may well be rock-solid actually, having a poorly designed website can give users the perception that your brand is low-quality or not trustworthy. And when the online page design that’s the face of your business doesn’t reflect this image, you’ll be losing out on sales and damage your brand’s reputation.

How a Poorly Designed Website Impacts Your Business

1. Lack of Credibility and Customer Trust
When someone lands on your website, they’ll form an opinion about your business within 50 milliseconds – that’s 0,05 seconds! Moreover, whether or not you are doing keep their attention for an extended, your website’s look and feel and overall attractiveness will still influence their opinion of you. 38% of users will leave an internet site if the layout or content isn’t appealing. Suppose you have got any spelling errors or poor design elements. Therein case, they’ll discount you and leave before taking any action, which is the whole point of getting an internet site.

2. Your Ranking on Google (SEO)
You can have the simplest SEO strategy in situ, but if your website is unappealing and users leave within seconds, it’ll sabotage your efforts. This is often because your bounce rate will increase, indicating that your website isn’t of fine quality to users. As a result, search engines like Google will deprioritize your website on their results pages. In other words, customers won’t find you!

3. Frustrated Customers Leaving Your Site
This, in turn, can frustrate customers, causing them to depart immediately, also contributing to an occasional computer program ranking.

4. Bad User Experience Crushing Marketing Efforts
One of the foremost important aspects to think about when it involves your user experience (UX/UI) design is responsive web design which will display correctly on all screens, particularly mobile. 57% of users say they’re going to not recommend a business without a decent mobile website design. In fact, 85% of adults expect a company’s website to seem even as good on mobile as it does on their desktop.

5. Loss in Sales and Revenue
You wish potential customers to seek out you, take action, interact with you and ultimately make a buying deal. If you don’t get users to try to do any of those things, you’re losing sales and revenue.

6. You appear to be disconnected from your audience.
A bad website experience will tell your audience that you simply either don’t know them or don’t consider them a priority. You would like to make sure that the user experience is in line with what your target market would appreciate.

7. No Second Chances from Customers
Did you recognize that 88% of online consumers said they’re less likely to return to your website if they’ve had a negative experience? That’s undoubtedly eye-opening. So, if you wish recurring customers and build up a loyal customer base, your website is the place to begin.