Being a Web Developer without a Computer Science Degree – Being a web developer is a profession when everybody is shifting to the net. I will provide a summary on how to become a web developer to you. No Computer Science degree required.

Research HTML and CSS HTML or Hyper Text Markup Language is not a programming language but it’s the terminology that each and every web page online is written in. The fantastic thing is that comprehend and it’s quite simple to learn and there is a likelihood that you may know it. I recommend that you edit HTML and write and download Notepad + +.

Speaking of appearances, while the structure of your website is provided by HTML, CSS or Cascading Style Sheets provides design and its layout. Get familiar with the CSS properties that are various and I am sure with practice. I recommend that you concentrate the components since you’ll use that ability a lot.

Study an Internet programming language Such as PHP and a Single database language Such as MySQL PHP is the language of the net although there are a lot of languages available. It forces a lot of sites like Facebook, Wikipedia, and Flickr. A lot of developers would suggest as your first language against PHP but I believe that it’s among the easiest languages. There’s an array of tutorials out there designed what your background is.

There is though A necessity that you must know HTML. Setting up your development environment on your computer is as simple as clicking an installer and producing your documents in the directory of the web server. If you are on the Mac, if you are using MAMP and Windows download, install and read the instructions. Tutorials are covered or supplies by PHP tutorials for learning a database language.

Exercise makes you better There are no means of learning to program than to practice although it’s cliché. Just program websites. Create your own blog, create your portfolio, there are and that can be provided by you. Start creating!